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From Scout:

Harry Shearer got Arianna’s attention…on Katrina

This weekend, my friend Harry Shearer took me and my Left, Right, and Center cohorts to the cyber woodshed for not giving the proper attention (alright, any attention) to the remarkable Army Corps of Engineers report accepting responsibility for the flooding of New Orleans. Here was the money spank: “It was astonishing to listen to these four natter on about the Treasury Secretary, while culpability for the worst man-made engineering disaster in the nation’s history was ignored.”

Ouch. And touch. While part of me wants to explain that I had ceded the HuffPost Katrina beat to Harry, who has done a remarkable job of keeping us informed on all the developments from New Orleans, the truth is, he’s right. We cannot let Katrina and the sputtering efforts to rebuild the Gulf be shoved to the back of the priority line.

Harry’s jab got me to thinking about why this has happened. Why, despite the occasional big story hitting the front page of the New York Times or leading the nightly news, the event John Zogby predicts will become more of a defining moment for America’s future than 9/11, has been largely forgotten by the public — and, even more critically, by our leaders.

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I’ve puzzled for months as to why Katrina, New Orleans, the Gulf Coast however you want to label it, has fallen off the radar. Why this has happened ought to be discussed and Good On Arianna (and of course Harry) for taking it up.

It’s time we discuss it…So Why do you think this has happened?