Just ONE of the Infrastructure woes in NOLA

From Scout:

nola pic fron cd 007

When I was in New Orleans I snapped this pic of a fire in NOLA East being fought through the air with Helicopters. It was difficult for the firefighters on the ground to get water pressure so they bring in the birds to drop water. They still use the choppers to fight fires due to water pressure problems and also due to shortage of equipment on the ground. According to Wet Bank Guide “the NOFD lost 22 of 36 houses and all of the equipment in those 22.” And according to Gentilly Girl there were 8 fires in 2 days this past week. The fire fighters in NOLA are considered heroes and there is THANKS for what they do under these impossible conditions.

But this can hardly feel like the gratitude due them……

The firefighters at Engine House No. 12 on Franklin Avenue have been in living together in a trailer that had been supplied by the city while their living quarters were gutted. But on Thursday, the city contacted Engine House No. 12, along with four other companies living in similar situations, and informed them that their trailers were being repossessed.

“They were given orders through their supervisor to pack their personal things up and get ready because the trailers were going to be picked up in about another day or so,” said Fire Chief Norman Woodrige.


Two stations, Engine Houses No. 12 and No. 18, located in Lakeview, would combine with other companies, Woodrige said. But those plans concerned New Orleans Firefighters Association President Nick Felton.

“If they have to move to another location, that means they are gonna increase response time. That’s unacceptable,” Felton said.


At three of the station houses that are supposed to lose their trailers, Chief Woodrige said the firemen will be housed inside their respective buildings, but the problem facing Engine House 27 on Elysian Fields is that they don’t have air conditioning.


Felton said the temperature inside the engine house would top 100 degrees, and described the living conditions as being similar to sitting in a car without any air conditioning.

To make matters worse, apparently FEMA is threatening to pull the funding for the choppers.