The Harder Matched, The Greater Victory

Reading around to stuff I should be watching every day instead of gorging on on weekends:

Digby’s right. Immigration’s a losing issue for us, just like gay marriage, just like the war. EVERY issue is a losing issue for us unless we start standing up and saying what we’re for. We don’t do that, we don’t have a prayer.

So glad Ntodd is still blogging. It’s not like there aren’t movies about this, people. When you’re on the losing, shit-upon end of things in general, the most attractive worldview is the one where when you grow up, you’re going to go back to that high school where everybody made fun of you and you’re going to kick the ass of every jock who ever snickered in the hallway. The big guys have the firepower, and the underdogs have the myth, and you don’t even need to know history, you just need to be, on some level, awake in the world to realize what will outlast what here.

Mia Culpa leads us to video of smokin’ fine Barbara Boxer talking about bitchslapping the chimp.

And Yearly Kos pictures, including some of the cute John Laesch, to whom you should give money if you have any to spare.