HooDoo they think they are VooDoo

From Scout:

Appears the evangelicals think Katrina cleansed New Orleans for them…

GREENSBORO, NC — The president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary says Hurricane Katrina has cleansed the city of its past hostility toward Christian evangelism.

The Reverend Chuck Kelly spoke last night at the pastors conference preceding this week’s annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Kelly said New Orleans used to be “a seat of Satan” where evangelists felt oppressed by “the spiritual darkness of that place.”

But he said, “Satan got floated out of the flood,” leaving New Orleans open and ready to listen to “the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Hmmmm….if you’d like to send Kelly a message may I suggest this Doll of a place. Of course all in fun, of course.