Uncork the Bubbly

Boy, they must be partying at the White House today.

It’s really something to be proud of, isn’t it, that your chief political advisor was cleared in a national security leak case. It’s really a red-letter day when you can say at least one member of your administration escaped charges. Turn up Mot the Hoople and dance, boys, because this is the most significant accomplishment of your tenure. You just put that lampshade on your head, because if ever there was a time to party, it’s now.

In what sick, twisted universe is this any kind of achievement for the Bush administration? In what funhouse mirror world is this going to help? Oh, whew, one of the dozens of guys under suspicion won’t be hauled off in handcuffs, thank White Jesus. When this is the best news you can point to in a month of gibbering Sundays, you have officially gone off the rails somewhere.

So let them try to sell this one as good news. I’m sure most Americans will be thrilled to hear there are some elements of their government who aren’t officially crooks. After all, as all the joy and shouts of “victory!” from the wingersphere prove, for these guys, that’s really something.