A Shot of Reality

If everybody’s just about done, Oliver would like to remind us all that the situation is still immeasurably fucked up, that politicians still aren’t paying attention to our suggested tactics in any useful way, that the midterms are going to be a disaster and we’re going to sit around wondering what the fuck just happened.

And in a way, it’s nice, you know, because at least we have a clear idea of who to blame. Ourfuckingselves. Jesus Mary and Joseph, how hard is this shit? I think a lot of what Oliver’s suggesting we do try to do, but in terms of actually breaking stories that damage and force responses, we suck. And here’s a fucking news flash for all you bonkers optimists out there: People LIKE bitching about their congressional representatives. They LIKE having somebody in place to blame for their problems. Makes apathy taste like chocolate covered cherries. They’ve got no real impetus to change because we haven’t promised them anything, we haven’t told them what we’re going to do for them, haven’t made our case in any way other than our usual maybe we’ll do some stuff, or not, and everybody’s got a different opinion and that’s okay, and I’m okay, you’re okay, we’re all fucking fucked.

The primaries recently proved that we’re starting to stamp out the DLCism in our own ranks, remake the party in our own image. But the fucking work ain’t done, and anybody who thinks it is is dreaming cotton-candy dreams. Yeah, yeah, generic congressional ballot, whatever. If that was enough, Busby would have won. If people out there were motivated to vote for anything with a D after its name, she’d have won, and she didn’t.

So, look, I don’t care who you want to give your money and your time to. I just care that you do it, because we’ve still got Ds out there who don’t have a clue what D stands for, we’ve still got people to convince, we’ve got a show to put on for the voters who want political shorthand and moral ice cream, and we haven’t even rented the stage yet. Go read Oliver and then you tell me, because today’s one of those days when the enormity of the task in front of us renders me speechless. All evidence to the contrary aside.