Dirty Dozen

From Holden:

Eleven Republicans and one Bush Kisser.

Seven Republican lawmakers joined one Democrat and the former House Republican leader Tuesday as members of an advocacy group’s “Dirty Dozen” worst environmental offenders in Congress, who the group plans to target in this fall’s elections.

Noting that the lawmakers voted for a “dirty energy bill” and for “drilling in the gorgeous and pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,” Gene Karpinski, president of the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), named Republican Reps. Katherine Harris (Fla.), Richard Pombo (Calif.), Bob Ney (Ohio), and Heather Wilson (N.M.), along with Republican Sens. Conrad Burns (Mont.), Rick Santorum (Penn.) and Jim Talent (Mo.) to the list.

Those seven members of Congress join Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar and former House Republican Leader Tom DeLay, both of Texas, who made the list earlier this year.


Of the eight members on the list still serving in Congress, LCV gave Cuellar the highest rating at 33 percent and Burns the lowest at five percent, based on their voting records. As Cybercast News Service reported in February, 98 Republican members of Congress received ratings of “zero” from the group.

Karpinski said LCV plans to target the seven Republicans’ districts with voter education, direct mailings and a door-to-door campaign to attack the incumbents and support their challengers.