One Dead Bad Guy Gets You 1%

From Holden:

Zarqawi’s death gave Chimpy an anemic 1% bounce in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released today.

President George W. Bush’s job approval rating is at 37 percent, up 1 percentage point, in a NBC News and the Wall Street Journal poll taken after the death of terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the formation of a new government in Iraq.

Approval for Bush’s job performance remains less than 40 percent for the seventh straight survey, NBC reported. The approval of the job of Congress was 23 percent, the poll found.

And here’s the really good news.

Forty-nine percent of registered voters want a Democratic- controlled Congress after November’s elections, while 38 percent would like Republicans to retain control. That 11-point gap compares with a six-point advantage for Democrats in an April poll by the two news organizations.