The Republican Juggernaut Strikes Again!

From Holden:

Oh, Katherine Harris is so much fun. Now she’s attacking the immigration reform plan proposed by her own state’s Republican senator and supported by the president.

Katherine Harris is taking aim at her opponent – and hitting an important Republican friend in the process.

Harris declared in a letter to supporters this week that incumbent U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Tallahassee, is “weak on immigration.”

Her reason: He favors a sweeping immigration bill offering millions of illegal immigrants and future guest workers a path to citizenship.

The rub: The legislation was created and championed by Sen. Mel Martinez, of Orlando, one of few Republican leaders anywhere who supports her.


Asked this week whether her attack on Nelson also means an attack on Martinez, Harris responded in a brief interview, “My opponent is Bill Nelson.

“I look forward to discussing [the immigration issue] with one of the people who knows more about it than anyone else, and that’s Senator Martinez,” she added.

In a longer interview, Harris spokesman Chris Ingram added, “We’re not talking about Mel Martinez, because the senator is not our opponent. Congresswoman Harris and Senator Martinez agree probably on 95 percent of things. This would be one of the things they disagree on.”

Asked whether Harris’ attack on Nelson’s immigration stance essentially is an attack on him, Martinez responded, “Apparently we don’t agree on immigration.”

He acknowledged that, if anything, Nelson’s stance might be tougher than his own.

In May, Nelson tried to add two amendments to bolster a crackdown on illegal immigration.

Nelson’s proposed additions to the bill called for more beds in detention centers, so illegal immigrants aren’t just “caught and released” into society, and the use of more technology, such as unmanned airborne drones, to boost policing along the border.

“Certainly those things would strengthen some aspect of enforcement,” Martinez said, “but they weren’t needed. The bill was tough enough.”

Nelson spokesman Dan McLaughlin scoffed at Harris’ attack.

“She’s trashing the senator of her own party,” he said.