From Scout:

Why they were told not to talk? Anyone?….

The firefighters said there’s a reason you haven’t heard their story so many months after the storm.

The video they shot of the levee breach was used in the recently completed Congressional investigation. And while they testified, they were told to stay quiet about what they saw until it was over.

They said what they saw wasn’t what was being reported in those first few months. These firefighters knew the levees didn’t overtop, which was initially thought; and they knew the 9:45 a.m. timeframe of the levee breach was also off.

“It certainly broke by 9 o’clock in the morning,” Hellmers said.

FYI also from the article….The National Geographic Channel will air a special, “The Drowning of New Orleans,” Wednesday night at 8 p.m. The story of the New Orleans Firefighters will be included in the story.