Cut N Run in America

From Scout:

After reading this which points to another of the “don’t rebuild New Orleans” screeds (albeit the most inflammatory I’ve seen)…. I address a question to those who say forget New Orleans, will you say the same when it is….

Southern Florida?

Wasn’t it just this week that a Florida-based commenter to this section snickered at the fate of New Orleans? Wednesday’s Washington Post reveals an ominous report about the state of the dike that protects southern Florida from the waters of Lake Okeechobee. See how much of this sounds familiar: the report, by a team of independent engineers, says the dike has dangerous leaks and areas of weakness, and has an annual 1 in 6 chance of unleashing a torrent of floodwater over south Florida; the Corps of Engineers disputes the odds, but admits the dike has weaknesses, which it says will take twenty years to address.

Or Houston? (this is satire BTW, read it all)

That’s twice in five years and neither instance was a hurricane event. I think we should consider relocating Houston. It is clear that they will continue to flood and the city can’t seem to do anything about it.

Or Southern California?

LOS ANGELES – New earthquake research confirms the southern end of the San Andreas fault near Los Angeles is overdue for a Big One. The lower section of the fault has not produced a major earthquake in more than three centuries.

The new study, which analyzed 20 years of data and is considered one of the most detailed analyses yet, found that stress has been building up since then, and that the fault could rupture at any moment.

Enough focus on the Repub’s phoney Iraq Cut N Run talking point, let’s talk about the real Cut N Run happening right here in the US. The abandonment of the Gulf Coast, especially New Orleans, begs the question of just what is the role of government in protecting its citizens from disasters and what will it do after disaster strikes. Will it be there to pick up the pieces or will it be Cut N Run time? For that matter, will the American public be there? Really let’s talk now about who gets saved and who does not. What parts of America do Americans claim as expendable. Let’s draw it out on a map so people can make plans in advance to get out of those areas. After all anything less would be Irresponsible….right?

(last part is satire BTW, at least I think so)

UPDATE: I see Wet Bank Guide had an America Cut N Run post….an excellent post on the National Guard in NOLA.