I Found Me a Whore With a Face Just Like Yours

Look. I don’t want want to waste the whole day on meta while there’s, you know, people starving and killing each other and shit. If there’s one thing that annoys the shit out of me about the present blogosphere it’s our tendency to turn inward and solve our own little internal problems because hey, if we just fight about the color of the brochure, man, then we don’t have to fight the big fights.

This New Republic/Kos fight. I’ve read the post a dozen times and I can’t find anywhere any kind of evidence that Kos did anything other than ask a few friends as a favor not to write about something. Now, you can have whatever opinion you like about his doing that.

He asked people not to cover something. I see no evidence they were not completely free to tell him to go fuck himself and write about whatever they wanted. If they didn’t, that in and of itself isn’t evidence of a conspiracy. I don’t read every major blog every single day, so I can’t say who covered what and when.

Accusing someone of financial impropriety and “pay for play” is a whole world away from saying you think what somebody said in an e-mail was jerky. Please to be remembering that, as we go about our merry way.

And no, I’m not a member of this “Townhouse” group, I don’t get sooper seekrit e-mails from blogging war command. I was unaware of it until last night when this whole wank implosion occurred.