So Laura whatcha saying there?

From Scout:

laura library

(AP Photos/Alex Brandon)

Laura admits the state’s task is unprecedented regarding rebuilding schools and libraries….

The former elementary school librarian who now shares the White House with her husband, President Bush, advocated the post-Katrina rebuilding of schools and their libraries at a gathering Monday for the more than 16,000 people attending the American Library Association convention in New Orleans.

“Never have state school officials . . . had to restore entire school districts as fast as they can without a tax base to finance the reconstruction,” said Laura Bush, who insisted that “each of these new schools must have a new school library.”

Schools are absolutely necessary for the Gulf Coast’s recovery from Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, she said. “Until there are schools for children, families won’t return home. And for many children who stayed on the Gulf Coast after losing their homes and all their possessions, their school is their only comfort left,” Bush said during her seventh trip to the New Orleans area. (emphasis mine)

Add every other aspect of infrastructure that needs to be rebuilt and the picture is overwhelming huh Laura? So how about taking that up with George?