Movement or Moving Deck Chairs?

From Scout:

On Saturday in a post entitled “Government by PTSD” NOLA blogger Adrastos wrote “This City is being governed by reflex right now as if City Hall were a giant nerve responding to stimuli without stopping to think. We need considered and intelligent action and not brave words and empty gestures.” I don’t know if this story from the Times Picayune on Nagin reorganizing city government is more gesture or what….

Offering a sneak preview of his second-term administration, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said Monday that he plans to reorganize local government to better respond to the city’s post-Katrina needs.

Nagin did not provide concrete details of his plans during a meeting at The Times-Picayune. But he outlined a three-pronged attack that he hopes will help his administration better manage the massive cleanup and redevelopment tasks the city will face in the next four years.

The mayor said he plans to combine housing, economic development and planning under one organizational umbrella. In addition, he said he will create an Office of Recovery to tackle tasks related specifically to the disaster, while his Chief Administrative Officer Brenda Hatfield focuses on day-to-day governmental tasks.

Nagin confirmed that two of his top staffers, Housing Director Alberta Pate and Economic Development Director Don Hutchinson, will leave the administration. Replacements have not been named.


The mayor said the need for restructuring became increasingly apparent as he and his advisers, several of whom are heading up three transition committees, began plotting out his second term.

“I’ve come to the strong realization we’re not set up for post-Katrina,” he said.

It tooks 10 months to realize this? Nagin went on say, “Everybody keeps saying there is no plan, but I have no money.” True I guess and it’s not to be discounted. But an idea to reorganize with no specifics, details, personnel or money doesn’t sound like much of a plan. I hope I’m wrong.