Thanks, Michelle

Here’s another argument I’m aghast we’re actually having:

Kirkwood: “Anyone who hasn’t been brainwashed by the Corps of Professional Victims and its allies in the mass media, but instead has read something about World War II and the real history of this era, knows this.”

Dering: Huh? Brainwashed? “Real history?” Professional victims? I don’t have my conspiracy-to-English dictionary handy. One historian I’ve read is a guy named George Takei. Yup, Mr. Sulu. He researched the topic at a very early age. His first-person account is in his biography.

Could someone post a list of books by Japanese-Americans interred during WWII who thought it was reasonable and fun?

Kirkwood: “It was also unnecessary to toss in ‘God-fearing white Americans,’ a sophomoric but typical cheap-shot that slyly implies the people involved in relocating these Americans were hypocrites and that racial bigotry motivated them.”

Dering: If the people who stood by as it happened (PWSB) bought into the Bill of Rights (the what?), certainly they were hypocrites. Taking American citizens from their homes and doing it because of ancestry, oh that most definitely is racial bigotry at its goose-stepping, pillowcase-wearing best. (Brainwashed Wikipedia says the government’s apology — delivered by President Reagan — admits race prejudice.)

If the PWSB ever went into a church and listened to the words about not coveting your neighbor’s goods, etc., they were God-fearing hypocrites. I’ll give you that there were probably Atheists involved.

Kirkwood: “That suggestion is ahistorical nonsense.”

Dering: No. It’s ugly reality. Many journalists avoid looking at it. I wonder how they’ll “ahistorize” Gitmo