A Rainbow of Bush Hatred

From Holden:

Gallup’s demographic breakdown of its poll respondents show that African Americans, Hispanics, and Non-Hospanic Whites all dissapprove of the job Chimpy is doing as president.

Gallup’s annual poll on Minority Rights and Relations finds little change in blacks’ and Hispanics’ evaluations of George W. Bush compared with last year. The vast majority of blacks continue to give Bush low marks for his job performance, while Hispanics are more likely to disapprove than approve. Hispanics’ views of Bush have generally tracked the opinions of the broader public in recent years.


Just 15% of blacks approve of the job Bush is doing, while 78% disapprove. Bush’s standing among blacks has been very consistent over the past three years. During the six years the Minority Rights and Relations poll has been conducted, Bush’s approval rating has only been as high as 41% among blacks.

Blacks are overwhelmingly Democratic, so low levels of approval for Bush are too be expected. Sixty-four percent of blacks identified themselves as Democrats in the poll, and an additional 18% are independent but leaned to the Democratic Party, resulting in a total of 82% of blacks who are sympathetic to the Democratic Party. That compares with 37% of all Americans who identify as Democrats and 53% who identify or lean to the Democratic Party.

Bush has made some notable attempts to reach out to Hispanics, both as the governor of Texas and as president. He has long supported a guest worker program, and supports legislation that would give illegal immigrants who have resided in the United States for several years the chance to become a citizen if they meet certain requirements.

Those appeals have not done much to bolster Bush’s support among Hispanics, who view Bush similarly to the general public. The poll finds that 38% of Hispanics approve of the job Bush is doing, while 53% disapprove. Those figures are right in line with Bush’s recent overall approval ratings — he averaged 37% approval and 58% disapproval in June.


Hispanics are more likely to identify as Democrats than Republicans, but not nearly to the degree blacks do. Forty-two percent of Hispanics in the poll identified as Democrats, 40% as independents, and 17% as Republicans. Hispanics are almost twice as likely to identify or lean to the Democratic Party (58%) as to the Republican Party (30%).

Most of the decline in Bush’s approval rating in the past year has come among non-Hispanic whites. Whites’ support for Bush is lower compared with last year dropping from 47% to 42%. Hispanics support has declined slightly, from 41% to 38%, while blacks have held fairly steady (16% in 2005 and 15% this year).