From Holden:

The Republican Juggernaut apparently has two positions on guest workers. One for non-immigrant audiences

[Katherine] Harris declared in a letter to supporters this week that incumbent U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Tallahassee, is “weak on immigration.”

Her reason: He favors a sweeping immigration bill offering millions of illegal immigrants and future guest workers a path to citizenship.


“She does oppose amnesty and those who are here illegally being rewarded with an easier path to citizenship than anyone who comes here legally,” spokesman Ingram said of Harris’ stance.


Supporters of the bill avoid using the term “amnesty,” but hard-liners say that’s what it is. Said Ingram: “You can call it earned citizenship or amnesty, but a duck’s a duck.”

The House bill, which Harris supported, generally is limited to border enforcement, with a 700-mile wall along the border as its centerpiece.

Another for Cuban immigrants.

Harris said “Hola” and “Gracias,” which are hello and thank you in Spanish, as she walked into the landmark Versailles restaurant, then began her short speech with a sentence in Spanish thanking those in attendance for their support.


Afterward, she clarified with reporters her stance on the nation’s immigration policy. Harris said she voted for a House bill that would toughen border security but did not support the aspect of the measure that makes all illegal immigrants subject to felony charges.

“I did not support felonizing and that will not be in the final bill whatsoever,” she said, adding that she wants a temporary worker program.