Nagin Sends Oreos

From Scout:


First it was the Great Deluge and then the people of New Orleans have had to endure what I term The Long Wait. They’ve waited for FEMA trailers and flood maps. They wait for the Army Corps of Engineers to repair levees. They still wait for George Bush to support Cat 5 levees. And they continue to wait for A Plan from their largely absent mayor. (from Chris Rose)…..

Is it too much to expect the barest hint of leadership, like maybe tell folks not to litter anymore or maybe explain that a blinking red light means stop but the yellow means proceed with caution? Something. Anything. A word of leadership. A touch of wisdom. A glimmer of hope for the hungry masses?

Would somebody in the Inner Circle please tell this guy: A 100-day plan is a plan for the first 100 days; not a plan you release AFTER 100 days.

Mr. Outside, your City is flailing. Stop being a rock star. Be a mayor. Please come home.

Lead us, Ray.

And the Times Picayune tells us some are no longer waiting with this Headline today….

For some New Orleanians, the pace of recovery is too slow, the threat of another hurricane is too scary, the future is too uncertain. They’re getting out.

So what is occupying Mayor Nagin’s time while New Orleanians endure The Long Wait and wonder Where’s C. Ray? Well unbelievably here is this (via YRHT) from NOLA blogger Dambala

I just caught word from one of my friends who works as a lobbyist in the Louisiana State Legislature of another gloriously stupid move made by Sugar Ray Nagin. He recently sent bags of Oreos to a handful of African-American politicians who supported Mitch Landrieu in the Mayoral election…including Karen Carter and Ann Duplessis among others.

Not only is it childish….it pretty much sums up what the whole election was really about in Nagin’s mind. He has yet to put together a recovery plan for the city (Orleans is the only parish left which hasn’t), yet he has time to send a racial “fuck you” to people he should be building coalitions with.

Oreos… why do I get a mental image of uber campaigners Rove and Bush eating this up? Though the real questions are….

Shouldn’t Bush be telling his man, Ray “Democrat in name only” Nagin, to get off His ass and lead?

Or is this, no-plan-state-of-affairs, exactly what the White House has had in mind for New Orleans anyway?