Lieberman/Collins just leave it alone

From Scout:

Legislation from Lieberman and Collins to change FEMA passed in the Senate last night. From NYT….

The Senate voted 87 to 11 Tuesday night to create a new federal entity to replace the much-criticized Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The Senate’s action came in the form of an amendment to the domestic security budget bill. The new agency, called the Emergency Management Authority, would remain in the Homeland Security Department into which FEMA, which once had cabinet status, was merged in 2003. But in times of major disasters, the new agency would report directly to the president.

But the House is looking at other plans…

Final passage of the bill by Congress is far from assured. The House is still considering legislation proposed by Representative Don Young, Republican of Alaska, that would keep FEMA but move it outside the Homeland Security Department, returning it to the more prominent, stand-alone status it had during the Clinton administration.

I do not see what the Lieberman/Collins legislation accomplishes. So FEMA reports to the Prez during a disaster. Well what if he’s ya know busy on vacation? Don’t laugh such a thing could happen….Oh wait.

The House legislation makes more sense. Collins and Lieberman toying around with FEMA again is like 2 kids hovering over a wounded little bird…one they brought down with their BB gun. An adult needs to tell them to back away and then give them a good scolding.