Screaming Makes The Headaches Worse

Never, ever, ever point out a Republican mistake:

The political spat was sparked by a Democratic House campaign committee video claiming “Things Have Taken a Turn for the Worse” that features images of the coffins, a makeshift grave in Iraq and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Because the Olympic-level whining that will ensue will hurt your eardrums, annoy the neighbors and, should you try to play the Spot The Bullshit drinking game, make you all fourteen stages of tequila at once.

“For the Democrats, everything is about politics, so nothing they have done over the last three years to shamelessly politicize the war in Iraq has shocked me, but this crosses the line,” said Rep. Tom Reynolds of New York, chairman of the House Republican campaign committee.

Dems ain’t backing down, for once, though I like how there’s still no objective fact in the world, just things people “said.”

Democrats said they would not take the video down. Republicans have used photos of Bush after the September 11 attacks as a fund raising tool and images from September 11 in Bush’s presidential campaign ads, they said.

They said. Sure, “they said,” because it’s not like you can go and look at the photos and the campaign ads themselves and verify. It’s not like there’s any evidence beyond Democrats’ word for it, right?

And will somebody please, for the love of all that is holy, teach Nancy Pelosi how to talk to the press?

“If it weren’t so tragic, it would almost be funny with Karl Rove going around the country talking about politicizing the Iraq war,” said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California. “They do not have any standing to speak from any moral authority on the subject, in my view.”

Jesus, Nance. My mom and ten of her friends couldn’t tell you who Karl Rove is, and what’s with the qualifier here? In my view? Here’s what you should have said.

“Republicans have been standing on the graves of our citizens giving campaign speeches for past six years, and they want to talk about politics?” said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California. “They’re lashing out in anger because they don’t want you to see their mistakes. They’re attacking us instead of protecting the American people, and they’re hoping you’re too stupid to notice.”

Or something. Come on. I know it’s hard to come up with a good soundbite when you’re laughing so hard at the sheer amount of bullshit spewing forth from Reynolds’ mouth, but think, reason, put your shoulder into it and try.

That said, go Nancy and everybody else, for calling them on it, and standing by the video. It pisses them off because it’s the whole truth and nothing but.