What we have here is a failure to communicate…and evacuate.

From Scout:

Other countries are evacuating their citizens from Lebanon but the US is slow once again in the evacuation department. CNN conducted this interview with an American waiting and feeling abandoned. Sound familiar???

HARRIS: Okay. So, Sara, finally, we wish you well, be safe, but are you, do you want to leave or do you want to stay?

AHMADIA: I don’t know. I’m waiting for the United States to, you know, they haven’t been very communicative with people here. We feel very abandoned, quite frankly. I’m just waiting for them to come up with something.

If I may say one more thing, though, probably the most important reason why I wanted to be on the air because it has absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with who’s letting people know that these are civilian targets getting bombed and the United States, right now, our government is supporting the bombing of innocent civilians. There’s only a few Hezbollah killed and like 200 Lebanese civilians that have absolutely nothing to do with Hezbollah. Many of them are against Hezbollah and our government needs to stop this.

HARRIS: All right Sara, you understand there is an entirely different view of the situation on the ground than the one you’ve just expressed, you understand that, correct?

AHMADIA: I understand that and it’s horrible. I don’t know what information is being conveyed to the United States, but it’s not what is happening here.

HARRIS: Sara, I appreciate your time, I can’t debate it with you right now. But thanks for your time and be safe. Kyra, back to you. (emphasis mine)

Harris didn’t appear any too happy with the latter part from Sara. In fact he sounded quite stern in discounting her view and hurriedly ended the interview.