Ya he said

From Scout:

Along with not teaching W how to get along with others, Bar must have forgot to teach her son to eat with his mouth closed.

With 2 years left will Bush top this…

lbj scars

or has he already? What do ya think?

UPDATE: Sorry about video quality. I woke up this morning to find my cable internet down so I am on dial-up until my provider can get someone out here in FOUR days to fix it.

{{{Curses to you Charter}}}

UPDATE: I think the Heat, Humidity and Charter customer service have made me cranky. The LBJ picture is so iconic but as commenter Brenda points out….

Point: LBJ was PROUD of his scar and demonstrating his ability to bounce back from major surgery.

Even deep into his fourth glass of Cutty Sark, LBJ was far smarter than the Dangerously Incompetent bush on his best day.

I agree. Sorry LBJ