Who’s first?

From Scout:

Pony Blow said early in today’s press conference that the US will announce a “significant” commitment of humanitarian aid for Lebanon. At the end of the press conference he was asked this (starts at 33:42)…..

QUESTION: On humanitarian supplies really quick. If this administration already knew of the severity of the situation with evacuating of Americans from that area, why not begin humanitarian supplies then instead of now?

SNOW: Well number 1 April you have to ah, I mean, I love the second guessing. The United States is first to the scene and the question is why not earlier. Ah the fact is we’re the first to the scene. And we are actively encouraging allies throughout the region and throughout the world to join us because we do think it is important. You have to find out ways in which you safely can transport it. We have been working on developing what they’re refered to as humanitarian corridors. And I don’t want to be second guessing the operational, ah, sort of the operational time table under which people have proceeded here.

I guess this doesn’t count as first. Perhaps not “significant” enough unless you were the Lebanese whom it helped……

France sends first humanitarian aid to Lebanon

PARIS, July 20 (Xinhua) — A French cargo-plane carrying humanitarian aid for Lebanon took off from Paris Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport on Thursday morning.

Some 50 emergency doctors and Red Cross staff were aboard the Boeing 747-300, which also carried medicines, surgical equipment, water-purification units, food and field generators in the first dispatch of aid to the Arab nation.

And the Greeks helped.