Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid…errr Lemonade

From Scout:

bush lemonade

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

According to the Charleston Gazette Bush’s motorcade drove past protestors with signs reading “How Many More Bodies?”, “Dubya Dubya III,” “No War,” and “Thank God For Term Limits.” Others carried “banners marked with the names of dead soldiers.” Many flashed the peace sign and one man flipped Bush the bird. “Protesters outnumbered supporters until the motorcade got into South Hills.”

The president’s motorcade came to a halt when Bush stopped to buy some lemonade from a South Hills girl on his way out of town.

Charleston attorney John Miesner’s 8-year-old daughter, Mary Melinda, set up a lemonade stand at their home on Bedford Road, but moved it Jim and Jean Miller’s property on Loudon Heights Road after the Secret Service asked them to move it.

Little did they know that the president would drop in for a cold drink. Miesner introduced himself to presidential adviser Karl Rove while the president spoke with his daughter and her friends.

Bush told the kids he liked their marketing campaign, which included signs that read “God bless W” and “Lemonade for the President, 50 cents.”

He bought a few cups for reporters and photographers traveling with him.

“A couple of members of the press sheepishly came forward to receive lemonade,” Miesner said. “It was a very nice surprise that he actually stopped.”

Bush did not drink the lemonade himself, telling the kids he had to watch his weight since he turned 60, Miesner said. Capito drank up, complimenting the kids. (emphasis mine)

You can lead a photo op to a lemonade stand (or was it the other way around) but ya can’t make W driink. But there’s your photo op, albeit a Tried and True one. Think he Tipped the kid?