No it’s not New Orleans 8/29+/2005 but Today in Madison WI

From Scout:

New Orleans was unprecedented and a man made flood but flooding is the #1 natural disaster in America and guess what it can happen anywhere…..even here. Downtown and campus area of Madison flooded today after severe storms.(story here) My place is ok but my place of employment flooded a bit. I’m told one employee walked home for lunch and got caught in it. She was walking back through waste deep water. Cars were floating down the street in front of where I worked. Everyone says they’ve never seen anything like it here.

(photos from Capital Times and Wisconsin State Journal)

madison flood 9

madison flood 6

madison flood5

“The force of water in the apartment, located at intersection of Mills Street and Spring Street, blew out the front door.”

madison flood 10

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From Scout:

madison flood7

madison floof

madison flood

madison flood3

madison flood 8

This is a 1/2 block from where I work.

madison flood 13