‘I hope you don’t hear about it when the rising comes’

As regards this.

Here’s where I sit. Things are fucked up. We can sit here, do nothing, and things will still be fucked up. Or we can fight like hell, tooth and nail, every dollar and cent and hour and fucking pixel that we have, and things might still be fucked up.

But here’s the thing. We do the latter, we can look at our kids, and our kids’ kids, when they come home from school with the books open to this period in American history and they ask, “Where were you?” “What did you do?” “Which side were you on?” We can look at them and say, “We busted our balls day and night to kick those scumbags out of our government.”

Don’t underestimate, don’t ever, ever underestimate the ablity to look yourself in the mirror each morning.

Don’t underestimate the way being able to say, “I proved everything I had to prove and I said what I had to say and I said it as loud as I could for as long as I could, motherfucker,” don’t underestimate what being able to say that can do to your life. Or the lives of those around you. You never know where your words, your actions, where those things stop.

We can fight like hell, and maybe things will still be fucked up. And maybe they won’t be. The only way to know for sure that things will stay the same is to do nothing.