Clean birdies released into the wild:

SAN CLEMENTE DEL TUYU, Argentina – Dozens of freshly cleaned Magellanic penguins waddled into the ocean Monday to the applause of onlookers, the first batch of close to 200 goo-covered birds that were rescued and washed after an oil spill.

The 49 penguins, each tagged with metal identifying bands, were released on a wind-swept South Atlantic beach not far from the outlet of Argentina’s River Plate. Another 141 birds that survived an unexplained oil spill off Patagonia in May still await release. [snip]

About 50 tourists, some waiting for hours, cheered as the caged penguins were brought to the shore in two pickup trucks. They were freed en masse and raced past the tourists, disappearing in seconds under the waves.

Because man, sometimes you just need some good news.