Senator Bayh believes that the question is not whether we should be out, but how we should get out. He agrees that we need to leave, he just think we need a plan to leave as Iraq stable as possible, because that is in our national security interest.

Not to be an asshole or anything for no reason, and I mean this with all sincere appreciation for Evan Bayh finally making up his mind (sort of, kind of, maybe) and recognizing that his goofy-ass timeline was imaginary and also useless, but if a “stable, hates us but no more or less than any other Middle Eastern state” was our goal all along in Iraq, we might have left it the fuck alone.

We might have saved the lives of nearly 3,000 soldiers and sailors and servicemen and women. We might have saved the legs and arms and hands and feet and eyes and mental goddamn health of nearly 20,000 more. We might have spared the lives of 100,000 Iraqi civilians, and I know that would have prevented a few Freepers from jerking off as stuff blew up, but honestly, if our goal was to keep a lid on the box that holds the bees’ nest, we shouldn’t have, you know, shaken the box, ripped the lid off it and set it on fire. Jesus.

Saying at this point that we want a stable Iraq that will, if it doesn’t love us, at least not erupt into full-on terrorist-farming America-blaming civil war (which not for nothing, but too late already for that to come to pass) is basically saying that the last three years were a fucking waste of our time, and we should just try to get back to zero because we are now so far in the hole at the karmic craps table that we’re just hoping to make enough to pay for plane fare back to Bismarck.

And if you’re going to say that, you have to point out who loaded the dice in the first place. Evan Bayh should stop giving the president cover by pretending it’s Bayh’s job or America’s job or anybody’s job but George Bush’s to figure out what to do about Iraq.

These so-called hawkish Democrats, who in truth are no more hawkish than other Democrats except for that they’re slightly more susceptible to bullshit from the right, need to get it through their heads that they can’t talk about getting out in any other terms but simply GETTING THE HELL OUT AND DOING IT RIGHT THE HELL NOW. Our “national security Dems” are so cowed by the same seven assholes who’ve been on TV since the Beatles played Ed Sullivan’s house decrying the long-haired kids as the root of all national problems (a message, by the way, that never seems to change no matter who the target is: Kerry lost the Vietnam war, Murtha lost Iraq, the New York Times cost us the war on terrorism, it’s like the Fischer-Price playset of the Culture Wars, only instead of the cow noise, when you open the barn doors Rush Limbaugh says “Hezbos”) that they can’t see the only way home from this is home, period.

And the minute some right-wing blowhard like Norm Coleman, or that weird little plastic creature Santorum, or some other jerkoff of the week, goes on TV and says, “They have no plan for Iraq,” these hawkish Dems should say, “So now you want us to fix your mistakes? Talk about the party of personal responsibility.”

Because the minute you act like it’s your assigned task to change the sheets, you take the focus off the guy who shit the bed in the first place. It’s their mess, and they should have to lie in it all night long.