Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Yesterday it was hard-hitting Fox Newsman Neil Cavuto who was blessed with the President’s words of wisdom.

Hugo Your Way, I’ll Go Mine

But, you know, the biggest threat [Hugo Chavez] faces is under — the biggest face we threat — the biggest threat we face in the neighborhood is undermining democratic values and institutions. And it’s just — we will continue to speak out on behalf of — of democracy.


I view — I view him as a threat of undermining democracy. And I view him as a threat. You know, I — I — I would — wish he would invest his petrodollars with the people of Venezuela, and give them a chance to, you know, get out of poverty, and give them a chance to realize hopes and dreams.

Is Really Poor English

I mean, people are working; 4.6 unemployment nationally is real good numbers, particularly if you’re somebody who wants to work.

Freedom to Advise the President

I mean, look, in my line of work, I hear all kinds of forecasts and, you know, prognosticators. And, you know, that’s the great thing about our society, is, a lot of people are allowed to express themselves.

Aggressively Pursuing What Exactly?

You know, the United States aggressively pursuing our own — or our security — and, yet, the economy is good. And the reason why is, is because, you know, people have got more money in their pockets to — which helps them unleash this great creativity of the American people. And, plus, we got great workers.

Tax Extenders? WTF?

CAVUTO: But is it fair to link [eliination of the inheritance tax] with a hike in the minimum wage?

BUSH: Well, if it achieves the objective, I strong — you know, I support it. I support what the leadership is trying to do, which is to get tax extenders and the death tax and the minimum wage all passed. And, hopefully, the Senate will do so.

It Are One Word, Actually

But, you know, the words “amnesty” are loaded words.