Ho-Hum, More Lies

From Holden:

Would one of Condi’s deputies lie to Congress about Indian companies who supplied missile technology to Iran in order to win approval of Chimpy’s “nukes for manoges” deal?

To coin a phrase, Sadly Yes.

The State Department intentionally kept Congress in the dark about two Indian firms that sold missile parts to Iran before a major House vote approving a U.S.-India nuclear deal, two Southland lawmakers are charging.

In a letter this week, Reps. Howard Berman, D-Van Nuys, and Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach, accused a top State Department official of providing “highly misleading if not intentionally deceptive” testimony on the topic.

Frank Record, acting assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation, insisted at a June 20 hearing before the House International Relations Committee that he did not recall if a long-overdue biannual report to Congress included information about India.

The report was expected to detail entities that had supplied nuclear materials to Iran.

But one day after a July 26 House vote approving U.S. plans to sell nuclear technology to New Delhi, the administration revealed it planned to sanction two Indian companies for dealing with Iran.

“We find it difficult to escape the conclusion that Department officials deliberately withheld this critical report until after the House considered the India nuclear legislation,” Berman and Rohrabacher wrote.

“Sadly,” they added, “we also find it very hard to believe that the acting assistant secretary of the bureau responsible for writing the report was not aware only one week before its release, when a final draft must have been under review that it would name Indian entities.”