Well now that that’s decided errr “evolving,” how about that plan Mr Nagin

From Scout:

When I first saw the list of commemorative events for the Katrina anniversary I couldn’t believe it then I remebered Ray Nagin was mayor. There are a lot tougher decisions than this to be made in New Orleans. It’s hard to see Nagin making them.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said today that his administration is scraping controversial plans to include fireworks and a comedy show among activities commemorating the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina later this month.

Nagin had come under fire last month after his administration announced the inclusion of such festive events in what was billed as “three days of reflection” on the storm, which killed more than 1,300 when it hit Aug. 29. Residents and community leaders attacked the fireworks and comedy show, and City Council members distanced themselves from the plans, announcing their own list of activities.

Nagin last week suggested he did not have any problem with the original program.

“As far as the criticism of whether this is too celebratory, I guess I’m becoming a little immune to criticism these days,” he said last week. “As far as fireworks is concerned, that’s not my push. I’m just going with the flow on that one.”

But on Wednesday Nagin said the activities were part of an “evolving” program.