Bush Loses A Point Nationally, Down Seventeen in South Dakota

From Holden:

Two new polls out today. In the Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll Chimpy’s job approval rating slipped to 40%, down one point from the June poll. Other interesting results from that poll include the following:

A Times/Bloomberg poll found discontent with President Bush’s leadership on a variety of key fronts, including the war in Iraq, with 60% disapproval, and the economy, with 59% disapproval.


Bush’s recent veto of legislation that would have allowed federal funding for embryonic stem cell research was opposed by 58% of those surveyed, including nearly one in three Republicans.

The poll, conducted between Friday and Tuesday, gave Democrats an 11 percentage-point advantage when registered voters were asked which party they would prefer to win in their congressional district.

And in South Dakota Rep. Stephanie Herseth is well on her way to a second term while Chimpy can garner only a meager 41% job approval rating.

Democrat Stephanie Herseth, who’s trying to win a second full term in the U.S. House, holds a wide lead over her Republican opponent, a new public opinion poll has found.

In a telephone survey of 800 South Dakota voters last week, Herseth got 60 percent support to 26 percent for the GOP’s Bruce Whalen. Fourteen percent were undecided.


Herseth’s approval rating stands at 63 percent, the survey said.

The poll also asked South Dakotans about President Bush. His approval rating dropped to 41 percent, compared to 58 percent three years ago. Forty percent had an unfavorable view of Bush, and 19 percent had a neutral impression.

On Bush’s handling the war in Iraq, 40 percent approved and 51 percent disapproved.

“A 17-point drop in three years is a clear indication of the dissatisfaction voters have with the current group in power, and when (Republican Sen.) John Thune advises candidates to distance themselves from Bush, you know things are bad,” Donald Carr, communications director for the South Dakota Democratic Party, told the Argus Leader in an online story posted Wednesday.