Send In The Bush Brigade!

From Holden:

Via AMERICAblogg we learn this:

A White House aide, who requested anonymity because his information was preliminary, said Wednesday that he knew of no top Bush administration official who had a relative who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Therefore I feel compelled to renew my call, SEND IN THE BUSH BRIGADE!

NotJenna Bush, hit the campaign trail supporting her father and his war.

Jenna Bush, ditto NotJenna.

Pierce Bush (age 19), promoted his uncle and his war in 2004, spoke out in favor of Dubai Ports World in 2006.

Lauren Bush, has not given her opinion of the war; refused to wear“Arab” fashions in public.

Ashley Bush (left), has not given her opinion of the war in public.

George Pee Bush, campaigned vigorously for his uncle and his war in the Southwestern US.

John Ellis “Jebbie” Bush, Jr., has not given his opinion of the war in public, arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest in 2005.

Noelle Bush, has not expressed her opinion publicly about this war.

Marshall Bush (center), also joined the Bush/Cheney campaign last year promoting Chimpy’s Vanity War.