Your Thursday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

From Holden:

Rep. Katherine Harris’ troubled senate campaign loses four more staff members

Four more staffers have left Katherine Harris’ troubled U.S. Senate campaign, which is putting an upbeat face on the reams of bad publicity that have rolled in with renewed force this week.


Over the past week, some of the staffers left without explanation, but at least one confessed to others of being fed up. Another is a National Guard soldier who was deployed to Baghdad.

The staffers range from a field director in the prized Orlando media market to a fundraising assistant.

…while the FBI interviews her campaign and congressional staff.

As the FBI contacted Rep. Katherine Harris’ former congressional and Senate campaign staff this week…


It is the latest trouble for Harris, who has endured setback after setback in her attempt to unseat Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. Still, those who have worked for her say nothing short of death or a conviction will get her out of the race that even Republican leaders say she can’t win.

“I honestly believe that if she’s indicted, she will continue to run,” said Jamie Miller, a former campaign manager.


[T]he FBI this week called a former congressional staff member and asked if she would talk about Harris. The woman said she would cooperate, but an interview was not scheduled. A former campaign staff member said he also was contacted by the FBI Wednesday, but has not yet been interviewed. Neither wanted to give their names because of the continuing investigation.

Harris campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Marks said Wednesday, “Our campaign has helped the Department of Justice in every way they have asked.”

Marks wouldn’t discuss the subpoena. Reached on her cell phone, Harris said she had a bad connection and referred calls to her campaign office.


With so many problems and so few believing she can win, some question why she would remain in the race.

“She was just convinced that God wants her to be U.S. senator,” said Miller, who left the campaign in April.

“I looked her in the face and said, `Who would want to argue with God?'” He told her he couldn’t be part of the effort.