Gretna Bridge Inquiry Begins

From Scout:

It’s not surprising it took this long for an inquiry as the judicial system in NOLA has been next to nonexistent until recently. From LA Times….

NEW ORLEANS — A grand jury investigation into the actions of suburban police officers who barred New Orleans residents fleeing Hurricane Katrina from entering the town was announced late Thursday by Dist. Atty. Eddie Jordan.

Law enforcement officials from Gretna prevented the evacuees, most of them black, from crossing a Mississippi River bridge into the predominantly white suburb.

The New Orleans residents, who tried to escape the city three days after Katrina hit, said their path was blocked by armed officers, some with dogs.

The Sept. 1 incident on a nonpedestrian toll crossing sparked charges of racism against the Gretna Police Department and City Council, and exacerbated already strained relations between the two cities.

It was the situation at the Gretna Bridge that caused Shepard Smith to tell Hannity…”That is all the perspective you need.”