Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Chimpy was in Mission, Texas, yesterday to talk about immigration.

Protecting Us From The Scourge of the Brazillian

We cut through red tape so we could quickly return Brazilians that we caught illegally crossing this border. We sent a clear message: When we catch you there will be immediate deportation. And guess what happened. As a result of that clear message the number of illegal immigrants from Brazil has dropped significantly across the whole region.

I Imagine Most People Fly In Airplanes

So we landed, and we saw choppers with all kinds of new equipment on it — airplanes that can interdict people flying in drugs, fast boats to stop the people trying to bring drugs or people up and down the coast of Texas.

I Have A Name For My Theory Which Is Mine

We call this, by the way, this operation when we moved the Guard down here, Operation Jump-Start. So when you hear about Operation Jump Start, that means Guard.

Look-See, Then Drink-Puke

So, what happens when the President sets policy in Washington, like on the Guard policy — I said, we need to get 6,000 members of the Guard down to help the Border Patrol. And then that order goes down the chain of command, and the first person whose desk it landed on in the chain of command after Secretary Rumsfeld was Lieutenant General Steve Blum of the Guard Bureau. General Blum said, Mr. President, we’re going to get the job done. I said, that’s good, General Blum, because come August 1st, I’m going to come down to the area and take a look-see. And he did.

We Invaded Mexico?

And the Guard has helped a lot. You know, it’s interesting that — and by the way, the Guard is not just in Texas. It’s in Mexico, Arizona, and California, as well. In other words, Border Patrol agents all up and down this southern border are getting help from our Guard men and women. And the Guard are doing — look, they’re not arresting people.