Now THIS Is What I Love

Meta that’s just one big mishmash of misconceptions, buzzwords, hippie-terror, and assumptions:

And here, finally, is where the ideological nature of the netroots becomes crucial to understand. The netroots generally believe that down the line, the progressive agenda is fully compatible with winning presidential elections and achieving and maintaining a congressional majority. Indeed, many in the netroots doubt that ideology is important at all, believing that campaign tactics, messaging, and political discipline and backbone count for much more than issue positions. Of course, if that were true, there would be no need to run moderate candidates in red states.

Emphasis mine.

And I can’t imagine why we’d think that, what with marketing winning over substanace in every goddamn election since … remind me, somebody, when was the “wireless” invented again?

Or did people really, truly vote for Bush because he was true to conservative principles?

Seriously, just to use an example, have you ever perused the ridiculous bullshit on the New York Times bestseller lists? Have you ever actually tried to read The DaVinci Code or The Devil Wears Prada? Crap sells brilliantly all the damn time, and it has nothing to do with the crap itself, it has to do with the ability of skilled professionals to convince morons that crap is what they want.

And for the past, I dunno, in the A.C era (After Clenis), we keep getting told by the same brand of hucksters responsible for the sale of All Crap In The World that somebody “speaking his mind” is an important characteristic upon which elections can rest. Therefore, we draw the conclusion that it is important to not only have a piece of paper with a set of “principles” on it but to talk about those principles honestly and with conviction. Further, if you are a member of the Democratic party, you have that piece of paper, so open your mouth and let loose already, and quit fucking around.

The netroots could be right that full-throated liberalism is compatible with Democratic electoral success. There may be no reason to worry that Feingold blew away the competition in the latest Daily Kos presidential straw poll. But netroots members should care about whether they are right or not, and make the case that they are, rather than demonize moderate elements of the party that are every bit as dedicated to building a Democratic majority as they are.

Yeah, nobody’s as interested in building a Democratic majority as Joe “it’s my party and I’ll leave if I want to” Lieberman.

Seriously, when did all of the stuff we do on blogs every day get so … I don’t know, life-and-deathy? I thought we were just people here, talking about politics, posting up pictures of Bush in a laurel wreath and expressing our opinions. I’m not saying we can’t have an impact, but I’m starting to get just as annoyed at these “bloggers are running the Democratic party!” stories as I am at the previous incarnation, “bloggers don’t do shit of consequence, and even if they did, my party was better anyway so fuck them for not inviting me.”

People are conferring upon the blogosphere responsibilities that I don’t think anybody here ever asked for. To me (and this is the best I can come up with after a stiff drink at the end of a truly horrific day) it’s just one more way of discounting the opinions of actual Democrats. “Oh, you’re a blogger, it’s not like you’re in the real world,” was the previous way of looking at things, as if my vote counted less than somebody who didn’t spend all her time mainlining the world’s misery, and now we have “bloggers, or ‘the netroots,’ have a responsibility greater than that of any other voter, ever,” as if our votes counted MORE. Make up your minds.

Last I checked, I only cared enough about convincing others that I’m right to use the word “cocksucker” no more than once in every post. So there.