Conversations with George: Lacking and Imagined

From Scout:

Today George and Condi held a press conference on the Middle East. Several questions dealt with whether Bush is talking with the parties…

QUESTION: Many strategists say that we’ll never get to the bottom of this crisis unless the U.S. engages directly with Syria and Iran.

Why not talk to them directly about this and have a back-and- forth conversation?

BUSH: Yes, that’s an interesting question. I have been reading about that, that people have been posing that question.

We have been in touch with Syria. Colin Powell sent a message to Syria in person. Dick Armitage traveled to Syria. Bill Burns traveled to Syria. We’ve got a consulate office in Syria.

Syria knows what we think.

Powel and Armitage? I guess that’s a No.

So has he talked with other leaders….

QUESTION: Mr. President, you’ve spoken with Prime Minister Blair and Chancellor Merkel about this. Have you spoken directly with Prime Ministers Olmert and Siniora? And if not, why not?

BUSH: Because Condi’s handling those conversations, and she’s doing a fine job of doing so.

While discussing UN negotiations we learn it wouldn’t matter if he did talk with the parties as whatever he says is so unmemorable, even to himself…..

Remember, in Germany, the first thing I said was — or one of the first things I said — I think I said this — help me out here if I didn’t…


RICE: If you didn’t.

BUSH: … was we want the Siniora government to survive and to be strengthened. The lynchpin of the policy is to support democracies.

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