Looking Serious on Vacation

From Scout:

No more of these pre-Katrina Crawford vacation pressers….

crawford presser

This is the post Katrina look….


From CNN


I also want to give you some context here. It’s really important to note that you’re actually going to see a tape of the president. That’s pretty rare when you think about it. He’s often at his Crawford ranch, spends weeks there, and we go for days not seeing the president.

I was here last year during his summer break. That, of course, when Hurricane Katrina hit. He got a lot of criticism for the administration really being slow to respond in that crisis.

What you’re going to see on the tape, very interesting, is that this is not the normal kind of walk up to the podium at the Crawford ranch when they gather the pool and it’s very casual, somewhat relaxed atmosphere. It’s a much more formal setting.

Literally, we went into the vans, rode up that dirt road up to the Crawford ranch, and there was a hangar where they actually set up a podium. Officially, you’ll see the western White House behind the president. The president and Secretary Rice, a very formal kind of news conference setting, and both of them taking as many questions that were hurled at them.