Pet Evacuation Bill Moves Forward

From Scout:

dog doa attic

(“One Dog DOA in Attic” Photo: scout prime)

This is a good move given so many could not evacuate with their pets …

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – In the wake of haunting images of pets left behind in flooded New Orleans, the U.S. Senate passed a bill on Friday requiring local and state disaster agencies to take pets and service animals into account in their emergency planning.

The Senate approved the bill by unanimous consent in the early hours before recessing for its summer break.

The House of Representatives passed a similar bill in May and differences must be worked out before the legislation is sent to President George W. Bush.


The Senate bill gives the Federal Emergency Management Agency authority to help develop the plans, and authorizes financial help to states to create emergency shelters for people with animals. Thousands of people refused to evacuate because they did not want to abandon their pets when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast last year, and thousands of pets were left behind.

Hopefully the differences will be worked out and Bush will sign it so things like this won’t have to happen again—-Beware parts of video show dogs being shot.