Ct Today

From Scout:

For the convenience of our readers I’ll be pulling together info coming out of CT today but firedoglake and MYDD among others have people there on the ground so check them out.

Athenae and I will be live blogging late afternoon/tonight so join us.

So far MYDD reports that Lieberman received a bit over $1.2 million in last 15 days with this breakdown…

CT donations amount to a little less than 155K. NY donations are the largest totalling a little more than 350K. Outside the Northeast, you got California at 132K and FL at 92K as the major contributors.

Also from Matt Stoller at MYDD…

I’m listening to African-American radio and there’s an incredibly vicious and effective Lieberman ad implying that Lamont is rich and belonged to a whites-only country club. Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters cut a response. There are Lieberman signs everywhere on the highways. Of course, if signs won campaigns, Lieberman would still be a dick.

Joe’s web site is down and his people are blaming liberal bloggers. Steve Gilliard has the details.

UPDATE: Jesus General is blogging from the Lieberman bunker. Good stuff, Do go read