Happy Democrat Photo: Webb Edition

Webb edition.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Any idea that Democrats need to “defend” themselves in any way from Republican attacks on the question of terrorism-fighting capabilities is terrible and should be rejected out of hand.

And anybody who questions Democratic “resolve” or “fortitude” or “manhood” or “tumescence” or whatever the new buzzword is on this issue needs to be told, loud and clear, that it’s not the job of the Democratic party to fix Republican screw-ups. We are not responsible for answering for their mistakes. They are.

Now, if somebody wants to ask what we would have done differently or what we will do differently if elected, that’s one thing, but this bullshit GOP spin campaign of bringing Democratic candidates forward and shoving a mic in their faces and saying, “So, Dick Cheney says you’re a pussy. ARE you a pussy?” needs to be shut down with a cold glare and a quick answer.

We’ve been really, really good this past week about making sure it looks like their offense sucks. Let’s not fall back int our old election-season traps of repeating their charges and giving them legitimacy.