My Anti-War Romance

This week’s column: Why Jonathan Alter thinks Jane Fonda is hot, or something.

But one thing Alter wrote recently while bemoaning the democratic process really tripped my wires.

“And the revival of the romance of the antiwar left is a potential disaster for the Democrats. That’s what gave the world Richard Nixon in 1968, when ideologically pure liberals who had backed Eugene McCarthy in the primaries refused to rally around Hubert Humphrey because Humphrey was ‘complicit’ in the Vietnam War machine.”



I had no idea the anti-war movement was in any way romantic. No idea. I thought it was all about looking at the smoking ruins of Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Lebanon, and making the reasoned decision that the Bush administration has botched America’s response to the 9-11 attacks so thoroughly as to be worthy of opposition, lest we all wind up at the bottom of a pile of rubble somewhere.

Little did I know it was simply my girlish infatuation with catchy slogans and long-haired boys.

Good heavens, have I ever been missing out.