Pray I don’t end up in beheading video while in New Orleans

From Scout:

From News Hounds we learn a Fox guest thinks he has found the terrorists over here and they’re in New Orleans….

Case in point: Charles Payne, of “” and the only African-American who very, very regularly appears on Fox’s “business” programs, was a guest today (August 10, 2006) on Your World.

Payne participated in the daily roundtable discussion, today’s topic being, “Terror Plot Fear: Will it Damage America’s Economy?” According to Payne, the citizens of our own New Orleans are potential terrorists too:<p

…{W]e have a silent majority here that really believes in violence and believes that America’s against them. You remember the ramifications from New Orleans, that a lot of dissatisfied people here could ultimately join up with the Muslims or sympathize with them. It’s a scary thing here as well as in the UK.

WOW. This guy completely forgets that the dissatisfaction was very narrow and specific and held by just about every American who watched a TV last year to see their fellow citizens abandoned by the government. The people of NOLA have had to endure much but this is beyond the pale

(h/t to World Class New Orleans