The Great Deluge: Tom & Jen’s Story

From Scout:

“Tom, Tom, Come Quick, Come Quick!

There’s water roaring down the street”

As the 1 year anniversary of The Great Deluge approaches I will be offering a look back at the year. Here is the first part of a video of Tom & Jen telling their story of what happened to them after the levees broke. It was taped in March when I was in NOLA.

Tom & Jen lived in St. Bernard Parish. If you drive over the Industrial Canal you enter the lower 9th Ward and if you drive further down the road you enter St. Bernard Parish. Tom & Jen did not evacuate for several reasons one of which is the fact that they are falconers and breed hawks. There was no way to evacuate their 34 raptors.

Their story is an important reminder to us of what occured due to the man made flood. It is at once harrowing as they detail what happened as the flood waters hit, how they survived and what happened in the days after as they were were eventually evacuated. Yet it is also a story of compassion and even humor. That is due to the kind of wonderful people Tom and Jen are which will become apparent as you watch.

I would like to thank them for sharing their story. I do hope you will watch, remember and reflect on what happened to the people of the Gulf Coast. I also hope you will leave comments and discuss what you have seen as it is not over and much needs to still be done.

I will post their story in 10 minute segments over the next few days. Here is Part 1….

“Tom, Tom, Come Quick. Come Quick! There’s water roaring down the street”…..

Part 2 is now up. Click here to View……..

Part 2: “You started hearing, people, noises. We kept saying is that a human or a dog. You kept hearing these howls….