Another FEMA Edition of Ya just can’t make this stuff up

From Scout:

There have been people who have waited weeks or more to inhabit their FEMA trailer because they didn’t have the key. Too bad they didn’t know they could have just tried some neighbor’s keys…

WASHINGTON (AP) — FEMA will replace locks on as many as 118,000 trailers used by Gulf Coast hurricane victims after discovering the same key could open many of the mobile homes.

One manufacturer cut only 50 different kinds of keys for the trailers it sold to FEMA, officials said Monday. That means, in a worst-case scenario, one key could be used to unlock up to 10 mobile homes in a park of 500 trailers.


“We are working aggressively to establish the extent of the problem and determine the best solution for the safety and security of those who now reside in these trailer units,” said Gil Jamieson, deputy director of Gulf Coast recovery for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

He said FEMA was “asking residents to be extra vigilant and take precautions to secure the trailer that they occupy.”