The Great Deluge: Tom & Jen’s Story Part 2

From Scout:

Yesterday I posted the first segment of a video of Tom & Jen telling their story of what happened to them after the levees broke, flooding their home in St. Bernard Parish.

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In Part 1 Tom and Jen made a harrowing escape from the raging flood waters engulfing their home and made their way to shelter in a second story bedroom in their neighbor’s empty home.

Part 2 (below) begins with Jen freezing from the waters. Jen was wearing only a tank top and sweatpants and Tom only a pair of jeans. In this segment they describe what occurred as they paddled in their kayaks, from very early morning to late afternoon, in the 2nd floor bedroom as the waters rose….

Part 2:

“You started hearing, people, noises. We kept saying is that a human or a dog. You kept hearing these howls….

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