Dear Grim

Compelling argument. I have several questions I’m hoping you can address.

I’m particularly impressed with your characterization of a “gentle soul” who advocates peace in any and all situatons simply because of “the cihldren.” Is this a real person, or composite character based on real people?

I’ve not read your blog before, I don’t believe, so please correct me if I’m wrong in the following assumptions:

1. That you yourself are a veteran of the armed forces, either of America or an ally of ours in the War on Terror, and that your service informs your viewpoint accordingly. (If this is true, thank you for your service.)

2. That many of your commenters, particularly those who advocate that “we” make “total war” on others in order to preserve our civilization, are veterans as well, or have children who are now fighting, and that that possibility of sacrifice informs their willingness to characterize themselves as part of the war effort.

Because while I don’t believe one has to experience something in order to have an opinion about it, I do tend to credit a source more when that source obviously has some expertise in the field in which he or she opines. Since this field is “total war” and “killing children,” do you mind if I inquire as to your credentials in this area? You’re under no obligation to answer, of course, or to detail instances in which you killed children or saw them die.

You and your regular audience seem quite prepared to both endure and inflict some severe consequences for your views. So severe, in fact, that I’m led to believe you must have some practical basis for your statements beyond simply adopting an Internet persona.

Again, please correct these assumptions if they’re incorrect, and thank you for your piece. It’s a very vivid illustration of your opinion. So many in the Internet equivocate until it is impossible to divine their true intentions. Yours are quite clear.



Update: JarheadDad in the comments over there provides the info that yes, Grim is a vet, as are many of his commenters.