I Missed This Harris Poll

From Holden:

Chimpy remained mired at 34% job approval, unchanged from July, in the latest Harris Poll, while his disapproval rating rose one point to 66%.

As the November midterm elections inch even closer, Democrats continue to hold a strong lead over Republicans in the generic election ballot for Congress. If the election were held today, 30 percent say they would vote for the Republican candidate while 45 percent would vote for the Democratic candidate—similar to last month, when 31 percent said they would vote Republican and 44 percent would vote Democratic.


Though he will not be on the ballot in November, President Bush’s job performance may be impacting the members of his party. His job approval numbers are mostly unchanged from last month, as one-third (34%) of adults say he is doing an excellent or pretty good job overall, while 66 percent say the job he is doing is only fair or poor. In July, these numbers were 34 percent positive and 65 percent negative. Part of his low ratings may be attributed to not having the full support of his party – just over two-thirds (69%) of Republicans have positive feelings about his job performance. Looking at political ideology, the numbers are even worse for the President, as just over half of conservatives (54%) give his job performance positive marks.