Last one out of New Orleans turn out the lights

From Scout:

Oyster says it all….

Since the divine march of global freedom necessitates doing the exact opposite of terrorist groups, we should therefore NOT quickly rebuild New Orleans like the evil ones are doing in Lebanon. And thank goodness our local and national leaders understand this principle!! So far, so good. But there is always the danger that uppity disaster bloggers will undercut the national resolve… That is the only way our powerful nation could lose– by giving in to weakness and imitating our enemies’ desire to rebuild.

New Orleans will just have to take one for the team, and let the destruction stand. If we rebuild quickly– and imitate Lebanon and Iran– then the Islamist/Jihadist/Salafist/Wahabbiist terr’ists will win. That’s entirely unacceptable. Mark my words, this is only the beginning, too. As more and more sympathizerists are discovered, all kinds of sinister plots might come to light. For example: remember that supposedly “generous” $60 million gift Qatar made to New Orleans back in May? Well, now Qatar is also aiding Lebanon! What does that tell ya about their motives?

If you love this country you’ll stop rebuilding at once, because that’s what the terrorists would want you to do.

Now is the time to act. Start confiscating hammers and wood, like a good patriot. Next, let’s petition Baton Rouge to officially rename “toxic mold” to “freedom mold”.